Fire Pit Envy


Fire pits have been a very popular design feature for several years, and this season there are even more creative ways to bring your fire pit to life in your pool and landscape design!

Whether you go for the traditional round fire pit or something more modern, make sure you find a way to bring the heat to your backyard paradise! As a year-round backyard feature, a fire pit will be great for seasonal parties and winter warm ups! You can also go with a propane fire pit option, especially if keeping a stack of wood nearby is an issue. With a propane powered fire pit your fire pit is ready with the turn of a switch!

Also new on the design scene are fire pits that also serve as a water feature for your pool or landscape. There are so many options for fire pits these days!


Fire pits can even be incorporated into your pool's water feature:


Check out all the Fire Pit ideas we've collected on Pinterest:

Dark Liners for Dramatic Pools


Is it time for a new liner? Is your liner faded and ready to be replaced? Consider going with a darker liner! Clearwater has several dark liner designs that will have you convinced that a dark liner is the way to go...

The liner choices we carry that will give your pool this dramatic, dreamy look are Royal Sapphire, Midnight Quartz, Black Galaxy and Aquarius. For a classic, clean look go with a Full Floor liner (no tile border)!

Look how dreamy and dramatic a dark liner can make your pool:


Ready to take your pool to a deeper, darker level? Stop in any of our three locations and start the process! We have more ideas for dark liners on our Pinterest board:

Take the Plunge...

The world is abuzz with the "Tiny House" movement! Have you seen any of the amazing Tiny House designs on HGTV or DIY? Check it out--there are so many tiny spaces around the world that are tiny and unique! Just as the world is looking towards minimalist living and all things "tiny," the pool world is also looking at a trend in what we at Clearwater like to call "Plunge Pools." 


Plunge Pools are basically a "tiny" version of the traditional backyard pool. The "tiny" twist is in the size and shape. Take for instance the Plunge Pool above that our creative designer, Tim Wenrich, crafted for a Central PA client who was looking for a small pool with style that would blend into their E.P. Henry hardscape. Isn't that a great looking Plunge Pool? Even the dog looks like he loves it! Here is a view from above--see how the Plunge Pool is incorporated into the paver wall? Isn't that a great use of space?


There are many ways Clearwater can take a small backyard and create a backyard paradise with a Plunge Pool. Don't let the size of your yard limit your dream to have a pool! A Plunge Pool can have a liner just as the large backyard inground pools do, as well as a heat pump. Think how much you will save since you only have to heat a "tiny" pool!

A Plunge Pool can be above ground, incorporated into your retaining wall as Tim did above, or it can be inground, surrounded by gardens and rich landscape features. Plunge Pools make excellent garden accents! Add a water feature and it will be very relaxing to sit by your Plunge Pool in your lush garden! 

Check out some of our favorite Plunge Pool designs:


Have you now got the "tiny" ideas going around in your head for a Plunge Pool? Check out even more Plunge Pool ideas on our Pinterest board:

Time to Swim Photo Contest!

It's that time of year again...

Get your cameras ready!

And get your video camera ready, too!

Clearwater is raising the bar on our summer photo contest! This year we want our customers to show off their pool and/or hot tub in new and creative ways! With all of the iPhone and Android apps for photography and video, it's time to see how creative our customers are with the theme "Time to Swim!"

Think you can you come up with something? We're giving you some ideas but we're pretty sure our customers are more creative than this:

Time to Splash

Time to Float

Time to Chill

We will have a photo AND video winner for the best "Time to Swim" pictures and videos taken in an above ground pool, an inground pool and a hot tub. That's three categories and 6 winners! Each winner will receive a $50 gift card to use at any of our Clearwater locations!

Start planning your "Time to Swim" entry! Work on this with your family! Pull out all the stops and show us your artistic talent!

But we do have a few rules...

1. You must keep it family friendly! 

We're a family business! That means if you are shooting a video keep the language clean and the swimsuits on! Keep the swimsuits on for photos, too!

2. Safe shots only, please!

We don't want any of you getting hurt while trying to win our contest! We're not looking for the craziest dive or belly flop--we're looking for the most creative image of you or your friends or your family diving or flopping!

3. You must share your entry on your Facebook page and tag Clearwater! You can't tag us if you haven't liked us, so go like us (click on image):

This is what it will look like when you tag us:

Every Friday we will share the best entries of the week on our Facebook page!

Remember to only include people who want to be on Facebook and whose parents permit them to be on Facebook!

4. You must say "If It's Time to Swim, It's Time for Clearwater!" in your video if you enter a video in the contest! 

We don't care when you say it, just say it and have fun saying it! 

5. Caption your image or video using the "Time to..." theme.

Do you exercise in your pool? Make a "Time to Work Out" video! Do you grill by the pool? Take some "Time to Eat" shots! Do you read while you float in your pool? "Time to Read" pic! The ideas are endless...

6. Use the hashtag #timeforclearwater when posting your photo or video on Facebook (and any other social media!). 

Who may be famous on Instagram for your #timeforclearwater images!

7. All photos and videos must be posted on Facebook and we must be tagged by August 17th.

We'll comment on your photo or video so you know we saw it!

Winners will be announced on Facebook September 1, 2015!


Time to Swim Bucks!

Clearwater's Summer Sale this year is bigger and better...

Stock up on your poolife or Baquacil chemicals for the rest of the summer and save big with our "Time to Swim Bucks" card! 

Here's how it works:

Spend $300 on any product we sell except pools or hot tubs and receive a coupon to come before 12/31/15 and spend $100 on us.

You can also spend it the day you earn it! 

We've got some NEW stylish, high-quality rafts and floatable chairs in stock that would be perfect to pick up with this promotion:

Soft, cool and comfortable, with a SunSoft™ fabric top, these ultra comfortable pool chairs and rafts have a “bean bag” like feel. Great for use in the pool, or simply relaxing poolside. Adjustable, multi-chamber air pockets allow you to customize your comfort level. Complete with handle and drain. Use all summer, deflate and easily store away in the winter.


These colorful, comfortable floats are high quality and even better? They are machine washable! Use the gentle cycle with mild soap.

Not ready to float away your Time to Swim Bucks? How about an automated cleaner? We've got these two fantastic cleaners from Dolphin that will save you time and effort cleaning your pool:

The Dolphin S50 is what you need if you have an above ground pool. 

Watch this video to see why you need one...

The Dolphin M400 is the inground pool robotic cleaner that our customers rave about:

So stop in and grab your "Time to Swim Bucks!" 

"If It's Time to Swim, It's Time for Clearwater!"



One Fish? Two Fish?

Ecosavr™ is a patented fish shaped application method for Heatsavr™, the original liquid solar pool cover. Basically, it is a transparent liquid that spreads across the surface water of your pool to reduce heat loss by lowering the rate of evaporation. Since pools lose up to 70% of their heat through evaporation, using Ecosavr™ can help you keep that heat in your pool - instead of evaporating into thin air!

1 Ecosavr™ will cover a 400 square foot pool (a pool with approximately 15,000 gallons of water) for about a month. If your pool is larger than that, you can use two Ecosavr™ Solar Fish. 

One of the greatest things about liquid pool covers is that they can form themselves to any size or shape of swimming pool. Because of this unique quality, Ecosavr™ will be just as effective on an above-ground pool as it will be on an in-ground pool. 

Just make sure you are using the right amount of product to cover the size of your pool, and you can't go wrong!

Here's a video that will explain how to use the Ecosavr™ fish:

Stop in any of the Clearwater Pools locations and ask about the little fish that will help heat your pool!

Swim Safe

As summer gets underway and your kids and your kid's friends are gathered at your home to partake in a refreshing afternoon of swimming, make sure all the kids that swim in your pool understand basic water safety.

A pool in your backyard is only fun if everyone is safe!

While Pintrest is overflowing with tips for teaching your child (even infants) to swim in your pool on your own, Clearwater Pools highly encourages you to seek a professional swim instructor and enroll your children in swim lessons. 

The Link to Learn section of the Clearwater Pools website has information about swimming lessons and programs held near all three of our stores. With so many local resources, there is bound to be a program near you that you can utilize to ensure your children are swimming and swimming safely.

Here are some links to articles and even some free apps and even a downloadable ebook that can help you educate your children about swimming safely this summer.

Click on the images to get to the resource...

Why is it Important to Know How to Swim?

This is a free eBook you can download and read on your iPad, Kindle or smart phone:

A great article about helping your child learn to swim:

Empowering your kids through water safety:

Water Safety: What Every Parent Should Know

Teaching Kids Not to Fear the Water

How to Get Your Kids to Love Swimming Lessons

Prepare Your Child for Their First Swim Lesson

Raising a Little Fish: Making Swim Lessons Fun

Swimming Lessons: When to Start & Pool Safety

As the summer progresses, check back for more tips about water safety! Water Wednesday isn't all about chemicals---it's about water safety, too!

Swim Safe Everyone!