Use Your Noodle (Part 1)


If you have a pool, chances are you have a pool noodle! A pool noodle can be one of the cheapest aqua exercising tools! We've gathered a whole bunch of ideas on how you can use your noodle in pool to strengthen muscles, promote balance and burn calories!

Pool noodles come in different sizes and can be made from different materials. If you are an average sized adult, go with the regular pool noodle that you can find online at Amazon or a local retailer. If you are on the tall and larger side, go with the larger, wider pool noodle. The larger noodle will also give you more resistance. If you are in shape and the regular pool noodle isn't cutting it, give this one a try! This is the size you will look for, it is often called a "jumbo" noodle:


Here are some you can get started with today--we'll have more next time:


Our Facebook Page has some water exercise videos you might want to watch--Henry posts a video every summer day at 2:00:

Remember to check with your doctor if you are at all uncertain about your physical ability to exercise in your pool! Start slowly and work your way into a regular routine!


In the Spirit


Summer is in full swing and we have got some ways to usher it in with creative cocktails and poolside entertaining options! 


There are plenty of options these days for cocktail mixers. From organic specialty ingredients to ready to blend mixes, there are so many options that will help the bartender in you become the "mixologist" all of your friends will be raving about after your party!

Here are a few mixers that we thought were worth a try:

There are also many mixers that have few or no calories, something your guests will like if they are watching their weight this summer:

Using a variety of unique EP Henry pavers and hardscape materials, a built in kitchen with a bar is essential for your backyard paradise if you love to entertain! Your friends can pull up to the bar and socialize while you grill and prepare meals. With a built in sink, ice maker and fridge, there is really no need to keep going back into your house to prepare your meal! Keep in mind that if you are looking to renovate your pool area, Tim and our creative team can incorporate an outside bar area into your design. Check out these beautiful outdoor kitchens with a bar area:


No outdoor kitchen and bar area yet? Having a built in bar is not an option for everyone. No worries, here are a few temporary, portable options for all of your poolside entertaining--just click on the image to see it on Amazon:

Don't forget to always use plastic drinkware around your pool! Of course Amazon has so many to choose from, but we found quite a few unique options for using nonbreakable drinkware that still looks fun yet classy:

Don't forget the cocktail accessories:

Next time you have your friends gathered for a pool party, make sure you collect the car keys before you serve up any of these tasty cocktails! We've pinned some mocktails for the designated driver, too!

Check out all the cocktails and mocktails on our Pinterest board:

Almost Summer...

"If It's Time to Swim, It's Time for Clearwater!"

It may not feel like summer, but soon summer will be here! 

Are you ready?

Clearwater Pools is excited to debut our new website as we begin our 49th season of building "Backyard Paradises" in Central Pennsylvania.  

This Blog is where we will provide tips and ideas for living the Clearwater Life... 

At Clearwater, we believe our team members are your best pool and hot tub resources in the region. Whether you are a current or future customer, we are eager to educate you about pool maintenance, planning and designing a new outdoor living space, purchasing the best hot tub for your needs and budget, and finding the right chemicals to keep your water crystal clear and healthy.

Our blog is where we will have some fun this summer!

Expect ideas for making the most of your backyard pool and turn it into the backyard paradise of your dreams.

From pool party ideas to tips on sanitation, we're going to explore a variety of topics that all relate to making this a summer of good memories and safe family fun. Don't miss a single post!

Stay tuned, we're just getting started and it's going to be amazing...