Summer Reading

Shark Week: Books for Kids!

Since it is Tuesday, that means we have a "Ten for Tuesday" list for you! Today we highlight ten shark themed books for young readers. There were so many to choose from, but we found ten good ones.

Remember, the local library is FULL of great books for kids about sharks! If you have a library card, it is FREE to check out shark books for your kids! From picture books to real shark stories, take your kids to the library before Shark Week so they can stock up on books about sharks!

If you can't find what you are looking for at the library, here are some top kid picks on Amazon for Shark Week--just click the image to follow the link:

As you can see, there are a lot of books about sharks for kids of all ages! Incorporate daily reading goals into your Shark Week activities! Make sure you tune in to the Discovery Channel starting on July 22nd for all the Shark Week 30th Anniversary shows!


Stop back tomorrow for some Shark Week adult reading selections!

Summer Reading: Not Just for Kids!

Reading over the summer isn't just a good idea for the kids! Parents and adults should have their own reading list! 

Websites like Goodreads are a great way to find out what is new, what is currently trending and what other people are saying about a book. We've put together a list of new releases and books that are on the NY Times Bestseller list. If you're lucky your local library will have a copy!

Do you read on a Kindle or tablet? Consider downloading the Overdrive App so you can borrow library e-books or audio books and get them delivered straight to your Kindle FOR FREE!!! But, if you do read with a tablet or phone of any kind, please make sure it is in a waterproof case before you start reading in the pool! Here's a few on Amazon--just click on the images:

Every Tuesday we'll post a "Ten for Tuesday" list! The list may be for books, but it could be a list of pool tunes, recipes, pool games or podcasts. Make sure you check back every Tuesday!

Here is a sampling of ten books we found trending on Goodreads and Amazon. Click on the book to go to the Amazon site where you can learn more about each book and purchase it if you want. We try and post links to Prime products! 

Next Tuesday we will have ten audio books worth a listen while you float in your pool!